Sunday, January 31, 2010

In between my sheets

My body has created a precious little girl, my breasts have fed and kept her alive until now, and for her my cervix has dilated, vagina stretched and somehow managed to go back to looking some what human again, the hairs on my back are brushed up against everyday yet will still stand up at someones touch, my liver has recovered from various abusive nights as have my kidneys, my heart has been broken countless times and yet continues to beat.
So what could my body have possibly done to me today to force me to turn my back on it? Well inbetween my sheets It Wobbles, no matter what I do the hair it grows so slowly on my head and so fast on my bikini line, I have moles- not just scary looking moles but ones with more fast growing hairs sticking out of them, I have ingrown toenails, I'm going grey prematurely (but I'm angrier at my boyfriend then my hair for that) there is a tattoo of a butterfly on my right breast, the butterfly looks old before my daughter has had her breast milk and dead after (again more my fault but I'm on a rant) and how could I forget my snail trail.
Now finding a man to wax your lower back hairs is not the problem, fitting in to size 8 Betina Liano Jeans is not only impossible but is also not the problem, having breasts that don't require a sign "please watch your step" while would be nice is still not the problem. The problem like always, lies within..
In between your sheets. Somewhere along the way everything got mixed up..
Stretchmarks are a sign that you've shared my body with a baby so tell me why someone would prefer to kiss a protruding hip bone then a beautiful pink stretch mark? Your pot belly is a sign that Iv just enjoyed a big Delicious meal, so why does it get more attention when you hold it in? Smile lines? beautiful. Your pubic hair like a woman's coat of arms, we earned it going through that wretched puberty so why shave it off? Saggy breasts should be celebrated and snuggled up to and flat bums are just asking to be pinched.
At the end of the day, if you exclude new years day, (when my body pretty much packed it in after I consumed enough Vodca Red bull to give a train an anxiaty attack) and the time I bounced back from a fad diet by gaining 14 kg's. My body has stood by me through everything, so its about time I stood by it inbetween my sheets.

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