Sunday, October 18, 2009


You can measure how appreciated you are at work by your bank balance every week, you can measure how drunk you were by the number of empty wine bottles you wake up next to, you can generally measure how many guys a girl has slept with by timesing the number she gave you by about 14. And you can measure the value of your relationships by how brave they leave you feeling.
Do you feel like you can achieve anything, and would you risk trying? Do you dream about mansions and million of dollars or beach shacks and millions of babies? Either way do you feel like with your partners support you? could get there? or do you think it would be easier for you both if you just did night fill at Coles for a couple more years?
I have a sweet humble little friend who recently met an international Lawyer (who calls them selves that?) anyway he was apparently worth a mint, working overseas, working in Perth and working his way up her skirt whenever he felt the need. When we asked her about him she replied "he's just so successful, it made me feel stupid"
This measures very low on the relationship charts. He is successful, he successfully took away all my little sweethearts bravery. Would they work as a couple? No way. He is not a catch.
Another close friend just wound up in bed with her Wine connoisseur co-worker, he is 40yrs old, divorced with two kids and shares a house with her ex boyfriend... While lying in bed together, my friend was amazed, he didn't grab her hand and place it on his nob????, he had forgotten to do the standard pushing her head down (as subtle as saying "hows about a blowy?") and she was able to be spooned without waking up so a good old nob nudging in her back. He stroked her arms, and left her feeling brave enough to walk around his room completely naked (sure once he fell asleep she went though his things, but that's a whole nother blog)
Would they work as a couple? Oh yes, And the catch of the day goes tooooooo....... The humble wine Connoisseur....
So if your feeling unmotivated, uninspired, you've lost yourself or you passion for youself, then maybe you need to take a few measurements of your relationships... Wrap yourself around the ones that make you feel like you could run with the wolves and get rid of the ones that inform you when your local subway has a "staff wanted sign"
Cos If Cinthia Nixon's girlfriend made her way to Hollywood with that head and Guy Sebastion's still making music with that head, then imagine what you could do with that head xxxxxxxxxxx

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  1. that is golden!!! you know it actually reminded me of that guy will.....remember??? day dad died..... the knob in my back ...the condoms......the reciept?!!!!!! fucking men!