Sunday, October 4, 2009


When I look down at her little head I wonder to myself,
How do I explain to someone who cant talk yet exactly how special she is? or how perfect her bubbly bum and round belly are? or how 365 sleepless nights a year is just fine.
How do I tell her that creating her was the one truly amazing thing Iv ever done and I wasn't even trying, or that I didn't know what the word stress meant until I heard her tiny cough.
How do I get her to see that I would murder or take the blame for her murder if she asked me too. Or that who ever she becomes will be adored as long as she becomes it near me.
When will she realise that shes the owner of a pair of thighs I kiss 40 times a day, or that shes the prettiest baby that any ones ever seen.
I wonder when she will realise that nobody loves anybody the way I love my little Billie

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