Sunday, August 30, 2009


Two days a go I was walking down the street when a very young very pretty hobo asked me for some money.. I obidged. I reached into my pocket- pulled out $4- and handed it to her. she smiled and said "thanks friend" I smiled back and said "thats ok friend" as I walked off pondering how cute we had just been.
Now I have allot of friends 289 to be exact, well thats what facebook tells me.. Some Im so close to that I have to call and tell everytime I fart. Some I avoid as if they'r a walking jar of herpes warts and swine flue. And some I simply dont know at all.
Sex and the city brought back the idea of a tight group of loyal women, and you could do allot worse.
There is a certain type of woman (usually one thats threatened by other woman) that considers herself "one of the boys" dont buy this it is nothing more then a warning sign that she has a low selfesteem complimented with no sense of the sisterhood. ( You'll notice that you never come across men bragging that there "just one of the girls")...
Heres a story about my pretty little friend Miss M,

Miss M was inlove with her Mr when she found out he had been cheating. Naturally devistated, Miss M did as anyone would and hacked into his facebook account in order to not only publicly humiliate her Mr but also to confront this Mistress E.
The strange part of this little story is that once confronted Mistress E was horrible to my poor little Miss M - saying that Mr was an amazing person and deserved better!!!!!!
Sisterhood? I think not. Happy ending?? not really but....

I was looking on her facebook page a couple of days later and a member of her tight and loyal group of friends wrote her a quote...
"there is a special place in hell for women who dont stick up for other women"

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  1. Hi

    I just wanted to add,

    Miss E did not actually say 'He deserved better' she said and I quote 'I have known Mr for a long time (3yrs), we went out once, but are now good friends' 'There are no secrets and he would never cheat on you'

    There are two things wrong with that statement.

    Firstly, I read the e-mail of Miss E asking Mr if he cheated on me with her, so I guess Miss E being such good friends is willing to lie for Mr.

    Secondly, he slept with Miss E when he was with someone else, making her a fuck buddy that he used to date. Again, what a great friend (3yrs)

    Solidarity sisters

    Miss Quotations